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Learn to Lose!!!

I was never the brightest, most studious or blue-eyed boy in my class. And it was no different within my family. With most of my cousins getting into IITs and IIMs and my less than average academics, I was a subject of constant bullying.

I was not impaired of my senses, wasn’t that I was not bothered. It was the fuel I needed to step up my game and prove them wrong. Every time I lose, I picked up myself and the learning it came along with to thrive harder.

What taught me resilience?

What taught me that losing doesn’t make you a loser?

What taught me not to sulk and come back harder and stronger?


I was an avid cricketer, representing my school and playing juniors for 3 more years. Won 2 bike rallies within a year of getting my driving license (was riding without one from the age of 12). Representing my class in football; didn’t have the prowess to move further.

What more did I learn being a sports person?

- You are a loser only if you give up.

- There is something you win with every loss, it’s up to you to piece together these small wins, rise and strive harder.

- Life is unpredictable, and there is nothing that is ‘fail proof’. It, therefore, becomes critical to build a character that thrives on challenges and relishes the wilderness of uncertainty.

Unfortunately, sports have never been a forte where, as parents, we drive our children to take part; and never intending to take part without expectation of the outcome. And we are breeding a generation who never learnt to lose, in effect never learnt to stand up stronger after every fall.

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