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Factorising Difficulties

Of late there has been much discussion amongst my professional circle about the impact of #COVID19 and the #lockdown. Beyond a point, I find most of these discussions senseless. We are all aware that factors like the effects of the #pandemic, its fallout on #economy and #employment are beyond our control. They would unfold with no certainty predictable to even the greatest of pundits. Stressing about factors like #jobloss and #paycuts would yield little. When I ask these people what they are doing about factors they can control, I seldom get anything. We are the best people to decide where we want to be and the best people to know what will take us there.

For me, I would instead focus on:

- Drafting / accessing my #goals

- Draw / redrawing the #blueprint

- Being #agile

- Learning to #adapt

- #Learning something relevant

- Making #effectiveness a habit

- Use my time #judiciously

Your take?

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