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Beyond COVID - 19

The COVID-19 pandemic, followed by the massive lockdown has resulted in uncertainty and instability like nothing most of us have seen in our lifetime. We need to be in sync with the efforts of the government in ensuring that the lives of millions are protected, India with its vast population and fragile public health infrastructure can't afford any latency. We have seen the fate of nations who prioritised livelihood over lives and were not able to keep either front.

Neither can we escape the economic fallout, recession, job losses & pay cuts. It is foolish to presume that one would stay insulated from the effects.

These 21 days have presented with an opportunity like never before to #upskill and #upgrade. If you are not on the frontline, and perhaps trying to figure out what else to do after your work-from-home schedule, industry certification, and MOOCs provides excellent value.

- Some options to explore:

The courses are free, but sometimes a fee applies actually to receive your certificate. A few additional outfits that provide MOOCs include #Coursera, #Udacity.

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