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Will Retail in India mean Reliance?

Over the last month, #Reliance has been at the spotlight of all news surrounding #retail in India. The buzz started with the acquisition of #FutureRetail and has only heated up with the offer of 40% stake to #Amazon. If the estimations of IBEF are to be believed, organised retail will move from 9% in 2017 t0 18% in 2021. #Ecommerce would move from a meagre 3% in 2017 to 7% in 2021. These estimates could have never contemplated the effect of an event like #COVID-19 and would surely not stand true.

However, the bigger story is #RelianceRetail, and it's ambition to dominate the retail ecosystem in India. Players like the #Tata's and #AdityaBirlaRetail should take cognisance to what #Jio did to India's telecom ecosystem. It would not require a pundit to understand that after winning the telecom war, retail is the new frontier for the #Ambanis.

Going by what happened in telecom, the aggression #Reliance would show will seek to annihilate the competition and consolidate the sector. The sufferer would be the consumer with limited options and retail employees who would see mass layoff as the competition would shrink and struggle to survive.

What's your take?

Some headlines which should get you thinking:

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