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Question of Survival for standalone and micro-retail

The present pandemic has painted two pictures:

A country ravaged by the #2ndwave of #Covid-19, people struggling to come to terms with the massive loss of lives, youth in fear of loss of livelihood, #traders and #retail businesses in existential crisis.

The other part of the picture, #ecommerce giants #amazon and #flipkart, witness unprecedented growth owing to the #pandemic.

The retail sector contributes to 10% of the GDP and employs 8% of India's workforce, 2nd only to agriculture, hugely contributed by unorganised / micro-retail. The impact of retail on the Indian economy extends further as it influences the #distribution#wholesale and #realestate sectors.

Thus, it is needless to say that a struggling retail sector should ring alarms all across.

The challenge for retail is to explore and adopt tools that will help them stay afloat in these testing times, helping them:

Retain Customers

List Products / Services

Collect Orders

Collect Payments

Schedule and Track Deliveries

I am sure there exist standalone solutions to each of these problems; the challenge is to aggregate and integrate them in one simple to use solution with a shallow learning curve.

Are the tech startups thinking?

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