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Indranil Chakraborty

I am an award-winning sales and marketing professional with proven ability to build and expand retail and distribution businesses. Having 15 years of experience, I have proficiency in delivering high yielding results with P&L responsibilities and in independently building multi-location, multi-vertical operations. I have demonstrated expertise in using my digital marketing skills to build user base for SaaS and Omni Channel business models.


Snehal Damke
eMarketplace Head MENA - Tradeling 

hierarchy at

7+ years of connection and amazed at your consistent devotion towards bringing impact in professional initiatives. Keep growing, keep learning.


Aakash Kasundhan 
Senior Director Business, Teachmint
worked together at YMS Mobitech Pvt. Ltd.

Working at YMS Mobitech Private Limited, Indranil exhibited excellence in building and managing a multi-brand, multi-category distribution channel. His deep understanding of retail and distribution helped the organisation in aggressively acquiring the leadership position in a highly competitive ecosystem.


Ajay Laddha

Entreprenure / Business Mentor


managed Indranil directly at

AM Mobile Telecom Pvt. Ltd.

Indranil is an A-lister and has displayed leadership and all-round abilities in building and driving businesses in retail and distribution. He is a consistent performer who loves taking up challenges and breaking the status quo.


Sanjoy Paul

Co-Founder at myELSA

CoFounded myELSA with Indranil

Indranil is a gifted Digital Marketing Strategist with panache for creating UI/UX for Apps and Portals. It has been a privilege working with him who not only creates successful digital market campaigns and contributes positively to every vertical of the startup.


Individual Qualification


Inbound Certified


Facebook Certified


Digital Sales Certification


Social Media Certified

speaking of business ...


iTel Top Performing CMM, 2020

Awarded by Mr Snehal Damke, ECom BH,


Employee of the Year - 2016

YMS Mobitech Private Limited

Trrain Retail Award Winner
Awarded by Mr. Nitin Paranjpe, MD,

Hindustan Unilever Limited


Employee of the Year - 2013

Awarded by Mr Jodhraj Laddha, MD,

AM Mobile Telecom Private Limited

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